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The 1839 Company received its name with reference to Queen Adelaide’s visit to Rugby School in 1839. The Queen’s visit marked the first record of a rugby football team wearing uniform, whereby the senior boys sported hand crafted honours caps of crimson red and gold, becoming a tradition within the sport of Rugby.


The 1839 Company seeks to continue this very tradition celebrating the achievements of those men and women awarded the highest of sporting honours within all sports, at all age groups. 


Manufactured entirely in the heart of England, our honours caps are designed with reference to the style of caps produced circa 1884. They are made of 26 individual pieces using the same traditional materials, stitching, craftsmanship, and care exemplified in the earliest caps. 


Our Caps

A collection of our recent bespoke caps

Our Cap Projects

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Order Your Cap

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For those who are interested in placing a first order with us, please see our 'How to order' page, which you can find here.

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