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A caps care guide

Velvet & wool cleaning

Should your treasured honours or baggy cap become dirty with a liquid, it is best to attempt to gently wash off as much as possible with a light acting soap and luke warm water​.


After allowing it to fully dry at room temperature, you may use a stiff brush to remove any remaining stains.

For dry stains, we recommend a swift brushing with a stiff natural fiber brush.

Please do not machine wash your cap.

Maintenance & Storage

All velvet honours caps should be stored in their presentation bag or box when not in use. It would be prudent to keep it out of direct sunlight if you wish to have it on display. A light brushing is recommended as required.

Since our baggy caps are often worn whilst on the playing field, we recommend a thorough brushing before and after every outing.

Any soiling acquired via food or drink through celebrating with your cap in tow may require a light damp sponging with fairy liquid. You may otherwise choose to wear these marks as a badge of honour.

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