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Both velvet honours and woollen cricket ‘baggy’ caps have been a longstanding tradition to celebrate those who have proudly represented their professional club or international team, having competed at the very highest level that sport can offer. 


Both velvet honours caps and woollen cricket ‘baggy’ caps may be designed to your country or club’s specification and can be presented to current players in recognition of their achievements. The popularity of sports caps can also be used to reconnect past players and alumni with their respective club/international team, whilst proving a favourite when it comes to Old Boy’s days or reunion dinners.

​If you have any questions or queries regarding the potential for caps to be made for your team, please do not hesitate to ask. You can email us directly by clicking the button below. It would also be most helpful if, on enquiry, you could provide estimations on quantity required, colour ways, along with logo/crest images.

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