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How to order a samples package

Photographic Packages

Photographic Packages may be downloaded below.

Photographic Samples Package

cap samples packages

Our honours cap sample packages allow you to fully assess the quality of the materials in person, should you require.

Our sampling system works as follows.


We do hold a small stock of sample caps from previous orders which can be delivered to you for a general assessment, if you would just like to see a cap in person. We ask for a £25 deposit in the case that the cap is not returned. Once the cap is received back, we will issue a full refund.


In terms of preproduction samples, we prefer to make up just one before going into full manufacture by making sure the client is happy with their design choices before doing so.

Due to the high cost of manufacture of a single cap, we ask for a single deposit of £100. If the sample is correct and as required by the client, we then continue to manufacture and complete the order. We will then account for the cost of the sample in the final invoice.

If the client requires any further alterations, we can change these without making up an extra sample. However if a further confirmatory sample is requried to finalise the design, we ask for a further payment as before.


As an ideal working example, if a client required 20 caps. We would manufacture a full detail sample for confirmation under the £100 deposit. If it is correct and the client is happy, we will then manufacture a further 19 caps, refund the cost of the sample and charge the total order for 20 caps at the usual £43.95 per cap price as agreed.

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